FIRST – This Saturday, July 28th, 2018, the Columbus Lions are hosting a fund raiser for Harris County Youth Football.  We need ALL of Harris County to show up at the game and support our youth program.

Tell them at the ticket office that you are there to support HARRIS COUNTY YOUTH FOOTBALL.

The Columbus Lions are giving back to our communities ONE HALF of the ticket price.  This money will be split equally between the five communities and the football board to be used for scholarships, equipment and however it is needed to support the programs.

LaMichael Fanning, a former HCHS football player NOW plays for the Columbus Lions and will be playing at the game this weekend.

NEXT WEEK – official practices begin in Harris County for youth Football.  All kids that are playing football this season really need to be registered and out to their communities next week.  The Jamboree is on the 25th of August and in order to get uniforms and equipment sized, ordered or replaced, the communities need time.

Middle School Football – If your child is trying out for the middle school football team and does not know if they will be selected, AND will fall back to rec football if they DO NOT MAKE IT, we need them to register now so the communities will understand your intent.  You will not be held to registration fees and your uniform will not be ordered.  The communities need to know your situation.

To register your child for cheer or football, please click on this link and choose your community.

Listed below are the milestones leading up to the Jamboree.

July 28 Harris County Youth Football night at Columbus Lions game
July 30 – August 5 Helmets, Shorts and T-Shirts ONLY
August 6- August 12 Helmets, Shoulder Pads and Shorts ONLY
August 13 – August 19 First Week of Full Pads
August 19 Weigh-ins / Verification at the recreation center
August 19 Last day of registration
August 25 Jamboree
September 8 GAMES BEGIN!


If you are volunteering or coaching for Football and have NOT yet taken care of your certification or background check, then go here to complete registration and for the link to USA Football certification for your community:  Coach and Volunteer Registration